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Three French Bullgod Puppies

Clients Love Me
★★★★★  Google Reviews

Was very helpful and answered many concerns with my pup, I have a direction to go, before this reading I felt I had tried everything and nothing was working. I really appreciated a straight forward approach that came straight from him and Angel guidance. I look forward to telling everyone. I am so glad you were placed in my path. Thank you

V Hawkins, AZ

I went in hopeful because of the reviews other clients left for Martha, but also a bit skeptical because of human mind-imposed limitations - if we can't talk to animals, how could someone else?
Let me help ease anyone's mind who is still doubting! Martha has told me details about my cat only him and I knew. Things I have only felt, because of my connection with my fur baby, but were never put into words. I fully believe in Martha's ability and wholeheartedly recommend her if you're looking for help to communicate with your pet.
She has helped me get a sense of peace and closure on some traumatic events that happened in my baby's life. I would do this again in a heartbeat!

O Vatra, AZ

Martha was so comforting with us. We lost 2 boys in 3 months which has been absolutely heartbreaking. Martha was able to tell us what we asked. It was a wonderful experience and we would do it again.

Mastiff Momma, AZ


I had such a beautiful session with Martha for my 1-year-old Aussie Doodle Lola. I was able to get some clarity on some things that I have been concerned with some sporadic behavior. Having Martha, communicate with Lola had me laughing and in tears. Our pets are so pure and to hear some of Lola’s responses was humbling as a pet owner; so indicative of Lola’s personality and I could feel it. In my case Lola just wanted to have more fun and less structure, she’s a highly intelligent dog and I thought more learning was what was best, and come to find out she just wants to have fun and live her best free life; I can do that! So grateful for our session. Thank you so much.

C Ramirez, AZ


I can't say enough good things about Martha. She went above and beyond my expectations. I have been wanting to find an animal communicator to work with my pup, Sir Gregor for a long time now. He experiences extreme anxiety in the car. Martha was able to connect with him and knew things about him that she could not have known otherwise (not that I had any doubts) I am so happy we found her. She is a truly wonderful four-legged family therapist!

L Sullivan, AZ

Martha was amazing to work with! My dog has been having some health problems and she was able to connect with him to help me understand what is going on. It was such a stress relief to just be able to connect with him as I’ve been having so much anxiety around the state of his health. Happy to report we have a plan moving forward :)
I would (and already have!) recommend Martha to anyone looking to connect with their pet and understand them on a deeper level.
Thank you!!!

S Ramirez, AZ


My session today with Martha was an incredible experience! I highly recommend anyone with animals to schedule a session with her! She immediately tuned into my female greyhound, Lap's, anxiety, and while completing virtual energy work - Laps fell sound asleep! Martha effortlessly identified my male greyhound's source of pain; his right hind leg from a recent injury. I was given instructions on the best next steps to help him heal! Martha has an incredible gift. She was able to differentiate my dogs different personalities perfectly - particularly my boy being a very old, powerful soul. I've always felt that from him and she nailed his presence with that description! I will definitely be returning! Martha's gift is the greatest blessing to be witness too and I'm so thankful I had this opportunity.

K Kilinskis, IL


I contacted Martha regarding one of our cat's behavioral issues. We have a 1-year-old "kitten" that we recently brought into our home, and she is tormenting our 7-year-old cat, to the point they need to be separated in different rooms. We tried medication to try to help the situation and nothing worked.
Martha was able to connect with both of our cats and help us understand the root cause of the problem. We aren't quite able to introduce these two yet, but I am fully convinced that she was able to communicate with them, and with time, this situation will improve. I'm definitely a believer that Martha was able to help us understand how our cats are feeling so we can help them to get along. Thank you, Martha!

T Vogel, AZ


I want to thank Martha for taking the time in sharing her gift with us. Martha was very professional and created a very warm and comfortable experience. Our dog Gabbana suddenly passed away a month ago due to heart issues and its been a struggle for many reasons. The time with Martha was extremely beneficial in helping with the grieving process that we are going through and I am truly thankful for her. We will definitely return for future connections. 🙏

C Olney, AZ

Martha is incredibly gifted. What a beautiful experience. We connected with our beloved Stella who passed in December and talked with our dear boy Scout who is earth side getting ready to transition. Stella will be waiting for him and we are following Scout’s lead on how and when he wants to go. ❤️✨❤️

C Mitchell, AZ

I reached out to Martha in a complete state of crisis bc I was desperate for help for my senior dog who was diagnosed with nose cancer and was declining quickly. I spoke with her on the phone for a while and really felt comfortable with her and that she truly cared. She made room to meet me very last minute the following day. I was alone and had a very stressful time frame where big decisions needed to be made for our family. Right away a huge weight felt like it was lifted off me and I would be at peace with whatever guidance and insight she could read from Tye. All I wanted was to know how he felt about his illness and decided to go into fully trusting Martha.
When we all met it went seamlessly and I loved her energy. My dog seemed so happy and I received the news I hoped for! Was a great day and one I’ll never forget! So thankful for her service and our dog has seemed happier and healthier the last few days. :)

E Smyly, AZ


Our experience with Martha was amazing. Our dog passed 3 weeks prior to our session and she was spot on with our Cocos characteristics and personality. My husband was skeptical when we began our session but afterwards he believed all the details that Martha provided us. She’s very compassionate and comfortable to talk to. I was anxious the beginning of the session but she gave me comfort throughout the session and it ended with peace. We will definitely be coming back to her for future sessions and I recommend others to give it a shot! Thank you, Martha 🙏🏽❤️

M Fey, GA

After I lost my puppy to a neurological disorder at only 1 year old I was beyond distraught. My dog Sadie has a rapid decrease in her health, within 1 week her neurologist estimated she had about a year left and I lost her that same week. I had so many questions left unanswered and all I could think about was if there was something more that I could have done. Martha was able to connect with Sadie and see that Sadie finally felt at peace and happy again and that she was doing the things she used to before the brain swelling took over. Her last few months of life she was unable to walk, and Martha was able to explain that Sadie was running in circles and wiggling her butt so much because of how happy and at ease she now was, that was something Sadie used to do all the time! This whole experience brought me peace and was able to help me ease and better work through some of the pain I was feeling. Martha definitely has a love for animals and I felt so comfortable opening up to her about everything with Sadie. Thank you, Martha!

S Kucharski, IL

Martha was communicating with my young pup, Ramah; that I was sure of. Her communication with him legitimized that I was dealing with a fearful, almost 5-month-old puppy. Martha figured Ramah to be a young dog spirit. Hearing that, I stepped back from my expectation and focused more on how to make him feel safe. It's paying off nicely. The bonds of trust were deepened after Martha's communication with Ramah, and my concerns lessened day by day. Thank you Martha!

K Carrozza, AZ


Martha was fantastic and provided me with such hope and reassurance! She got my cat instantly and what she shared resonated with my cat's personality and way of being in the world! I was able to understand how my cat was really feeling and doing and if she was ready to make that journey to the other side. I got the exact answers that I needed to know how to continue to care for my cat going forward. It was a very positive experience and I would recommend Martha hands down!

J Volpe, AZ


Absolutely amazing experience! I would highly recommend Martha’s services. I rescued a dog from the shelter and all though she was excelling in most areas of her training, we still were having some unsolved issues. Martha helped me to better understand what my dog was going through and what she had been through in the past that was still troubling her. I saw an immediate difference in my dog's behavior after our session.

L Schild, AZ


I had such a good reading! She was able to connect with my cat that had recently passed and it gave me so much peace afterward. She was also able to connect with the brother who is still with me and help him with his grief.

S Fairbanks, AZ


This was my first experience with an animal communicator and it was very comforting. Martha is very easy to talk to. My cat passed unexpectedly and I was holding onto a lot of guilt and many unanswered questions. She really worked with me to ease any fears and I talked to her about receiving answers that might cause anger or blame. She was very careful and had my best interests at heart. Her responses aligned perfectly with my cat’s personality and it was comforting to know he was back to his feisty, funny, and energetic younger self. I highly recommend Martha if you are looking for any answers or to connect with your pet on the other side. Thank you, Martha ❤️

R Pretzer, AZ


I was a bit skeptical about it but gave it a try anyways. Martha was wonderful to work with, she helped me understand my senior dog Casper’s needs and to be able to connect with him on a different level.
Thank you, Martha!

Kelly C, AZ


Martha connected to our Karl who passed, and it was so comforting knowing he knows how much we loved him. And Martha explained to our current dog, Charley, what he needs to do as a service dog. Martha is wonderful, and she answered all of our questions. A blessed experience. 💕❤️💕🐾🐾

S Winters, AZ

I recently lost my sweet boy Ryley on 8/11/22 I reached out to Martha for help contacting my sweet boy. I found it very comforting to talk to her and she made me feel at ease that Ryley is at peace. Thank you so much for your help contacting my sweet boy it made me feel better knowing he is ok.

Stacey T, AZ


Martha is so talented!!!
She communicated with all four of my dogs and was spot-on with everything about them! I really enjoyed our session. It was so enlightening! She's also very Sweet!
Thank you again for the wonderful experience!!
I Highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Martha!!
Don't second-guess yourself.
DO it!!!

M Lowe, AZ

Martha was a delight to work with! She made sure to get to the bottom of the behaviors that my cats were displaying and showed them alternative ways to do things. Martha was not only to the point and easy to understand but she was friendly and a joy to talk to. I highly recommend her for communicating with your pets! 

Fifi K, CA

It was so much fun to have this conversation with my dog. She picks up on the dogs' personalities quickly!! And is able to communicate with them on a level I have not yet mastered. (But will! )Opened my eyes to the connection we can all create & have with our animals.will def schedule again!

L Nicole, AK


Martha was awesome! She helped me connect with my baby on the other side and get some closure. Would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to communicate with pets who have crossed over.

J Goss, AZ

I couldn’t recommend Martha enough. After losing my cat suddenly, I was looking for a way to connect with her to say my final goodbyes. I had a phone call with Martha and it was everything I was looking for. She is very caring and kind in the way she speaks with you and the whole conversation felt very gentle and safe. I was able to say everything I needed to my pet and got the answers I was looking for. For anyone who is grieving their pet, this is such a wonderful way of healing. Thank you

Martha 💛

N Parker, AZ

I had a wonderful experience. Martha helped give me some comfort during a difficult time. It was nice to connect with my dog and let her know of all the coming changes and hear what she needed. Thank you, Martha!


Martha is so wonderful. She helped us with one of our sick dogs and also helped us with one of our dogs who had bad behavior. Things have been going well since our experience with Martha and we look forward to meeting with her again.

R Dawood, AZ

We came to Martha in hopes to find out why our sweet rescue had behavioral issues. We had already been working with a behavioral therapist and felt we were still struggling. After meeting with Martha, we started to see a change in our sweet boy's behavior. We are going on our fourth day, and our sweet boy has become less reactive. My heart is filled with so much gratitude towards Martha. Martha thank you for helping and restoring our family.

T Froxylia, AZ

Martha made us feel so much better knowing how our little dog was feeling and that he was doing ok. She is extremely talented and I would highly recommend to anyone who has a pet they love so dearly. She is so very kind and caring, and we can’t thank her enough for this wonderful experience with our dog!

G Snyder, CO


What brought me to Martha was behavioral problems among the two female dogs in the house. For a year now the house has been divided to separate one another from another potential altercation. I was desperate and decided to think outside the box for help. Of course, I was curious but open to our initial reading. It could not have gone better. Martha was calming, funny, and explained the process thoroughly. Hearing the girl's perspectives on each other and what they needed from me was eye-opening. Martha gave valuable suggestions to help remove the negativity from the home along with the anxiety I had been harboring. She was so kind to have spent extra time providing me with all the resources I needed. I have honestly done all that was suggested and have seen an amazing difference. We are all spending small amounts of time in the same room together. We may not love each other but we are tolerating one another and that is what I hoped for. I will continue to do follow-up readings.Checking in with my girls from time to time to see how they are dealing with each other. A million hugs to you, Martha, for facilitating peace in my home 💕

Tricia I, AZ

Martha was amazing at connecting and communicating with our beloved dog, Dudley. We were fortunate to have an appointment shortly after his passing and Martha was able to provide closure, validation, and that Dudley was at peace. I would highly recommend Martha to anyone, as she was amazing to work with! Am incredibly thankful for her abilities to connect with pets on the other side and offer her talent to grieving pet parents!

Evan K, AZ

When our dog Dakota accidentally got loose from our home we looked for days and hung 100's of fliers in our area. Day after day we would drive, walk, hike, and pray for any sign of her. We worked with HARTT, who was amazing at helping us getting the word out, about what we could do to attract Dakota back home with scents, scent trails as well as set up feeding stations with motion sensor cameras. Every day we would get a call from someone who spotted her but they couldn't capture her because she was in flight mode. At this point, she had crossed many major streets and we feared for not only her safety but those on the road as well. Dakota was scared and far from home. On the third day, we hadn't heard anything with the previous reporting being at 5pm the day before at the Golf Course. It was coming on evening and we were willing to try anything. After searching, my daughter Jordyn came across Martha and her reviews were encouraging. Obviously, it's not a conventional approach but we were desperate. Martha was wonderful, kind, and confident. She asked for photos of Dakota, maps of our home area, details on routes in order to show Dakota how to get home, & photos of location markers. We asked Martha to tell her when she gets back home to stay there and bark nonstop until someone heard her. Martha said she would get back to us when she connected with her. Within 20 minutes she informed us that Dakota was alive, uninjured (her paws would need some attending), tired, and wanted to come home. She informed us that she understood the photos, routes and how to get back. She was so excited that we were also looking for her as well. Martha told us she was running as fast as she could home and would be careful of the cars. She said it was very dark where she was and there were no people around. Martha told us to go home, pray, have faith in the angels, and manifest Dakota's return to help guide her back to us. After this, we got a call that she was spotted earlier by trail riders, on a 1400 acre piece of desert property miles from us, around 3 PM. So now we know she was still alive earlier that day, but was in a dark area with no one around & prayed Martha was able to truly connect with her to show her how to use the clues we left (scent trails at the markers) and maps. Well... at 2:30 AM Jordyn's Dad heard nonstop barking and thought it was the other dog. As it continued he started to wake up & realized that the barking was coming from the front yard of the home. He listened and thought it sounded like Dakota. He jumped up and ran to the front door. He saw the food had been eaten and yelled out her name. Dakota came running into the house! She was barking nonstop all around the home trying to wake them up just like Martha told her! Jordyn's Dad immediately took Dakota to her room and placed her on her bed. She woke up believing she was dreaming. Once reality hit the love and relief came pouring out for them both. Dakota was uninjured, paws were sensitive and a bit worn, tired, thirsty, and hungry, so relieved & happy to be home just as Martha told us.. We truly believe it was a combination of all those involved that brought my daughter's sweet baby home from the charitable help from HARTT, the community, the prayers, the power of positive thinking, manifestation, and the guidance from the gifted Martha that helped guide our Dakota back home. Thank you for our miracle. We believe!!!

J Bagioli, AZ

High hopes for happier kitties and perhaps a restart for our home.

James P, AZ


I loved Martha. She was amazing at connecting with my cat and him getting settled into his new home. His anxiety has gone down and is more comfortable and relaxed. Would highly recommend it, Had the best experience!

M Tucker, AZ


Beautiful experience. Really helpful to connect with our pooch as he makes his transition.

Philip M, AZ


Such a great experience feeling a different kind of connection with my furbaby rescue! He wasn't feeling well for a while, and what I learned through Martha's gift is it seemed to be connected to him not realizing he's in his forever home (& being concerned about losing his red ball in the house, which was in the car.). He's been on the mend ever since! Thank you Martha!

De G, AZ


We love working with Martha. She’s so wonderful and caring. My cat loved connecting with her. Definitely recommend her services.

B Fleming, AZ

One of our dogs, Domino, had a sudden shift in her behavior. We kept going to the vet but her mood was still “off”. At our wits end after months of her picking fights with the other dogs, we decided we just needed to call some sort of dog psychic, someone to help us figure out what she was trying to say and why she was communicating it in this way.
We found Azure Moon Healing and scheduled a phone session. We were skeptical about how well it would work having Martha connect with Domino over the phone, but it was amazing. The session gave us the insight we needed to understand what was going on with Domino - how she was feeling physically and what was bothering her emotionally. Martha also helped relay the things Domino needed to understand from us.
Now we have our sweet girl back! From the moment the call ended, we noticed a lightness that hadn’t been present in Domino in many months. She is also much better at communicating things to us without starting fights, and we understand better how to listen to what she’s trying to tell us.

J Wallace, AZ

We are forever grateful to Martha for helping our girl feel happy again. This was a great experience for both me and my cat! We were able to communicate and he released fears I didn’t know he had regarding being left behind. Since then he has been more comfortable being cuddled and pet and he seems more light-hearted. Would definitely recommend for closer bonds with your animal!

Madison S, Phoenix, AZ


I have so many words to express how Martha made me feel before, during, and after my reading of my baby Chachi. My mom also had a reading the next day with her baby Chupie. Martha made us feel so comfortable, she comforted us & explained everything in detail. She cried & laughed with us. Me & my mom were so happy afterward. We wanted to have peace & love knowing our babies were safe & she nailed it. We now have a special bond with Martha & will definitely be in touch!!

Thank you, Martha!!🥰

Stephanie B, Goodyear, AZ 

Martha has a real gift! Since she worked with my young cats the other day, I can already see them being more relaxed and less put off by the business around the house with new foster animals that are here and under quarantine. Martha let them know what is going on and even let them know they are part of the family team in helping make sure everything goes okay for the foster babies, and that they are loved and her human family has just been a bit busy. She also has helped my cat Azi start to overcome her fear of fans. Martha is a wonderful healing soul and actually helps the animals heal physically and spiritually, which I think is healing for us as well because our animals are our family

C Dodson, Gilbert, AZ

I found Martha after suffering the loss of my sweet dog, Popcorn, on 1-10-21 at 10:26 pm. He died in my arms & I had been stuck in that moment of his passing, playing over & over again in my mind & heart. I felt like I was literally drowning in grief & sorrow. From my initial communication with Martha, through our reading & the day after when she reached out to check on me, she expressed the most genuine & heartfelt compassion & understanding. She listened when I cried & shared stories about my Popcorn love; when I expressed my fears & answers to questions that I was desperately praying to get. Martha was able to connect with Popcorn right away & even cried with me during our session, which meant more than she knows because I knew she was feeling not only my grief but also the profound love (& loss) we were experiencing. I knew I wasn't just another client to her, she went through this journey with me & that meant the world to me. Her ability to connect with our precious animals is truly amazing & a beautiful gift she shares. Her answers from Popcorn were very much in his personality & energy. My heart is now able to begin the healing process. I will always, always miss my sweet Popcorn terribly & wish he were still here with me. But now I know that he felt my love & knew how much I loved him, & that he is not stuck in the moment of his passing. He is okay, checks in on me & that he was & WILL ALWAYS be my sweet Poppycorn love

D Escalante, AZ

Martha is kind, compassionate, and gifted, and provided me with clarity regarding my pets and their health conditions. She is very loving and takes her time answering any and all questions. I highly recommend her services.

J Klusek, Peoria, AZ


Martha did a wonderful job connecting with my parent's dog, and giving me insight into how he is feeling/doing. She also helped give me insight into all of his past trauma he needed to heal from.

Eric A, AZ


Martha was right on. She validated what I was intuiting about a dog I had fostered and feeling her sweet Spirit calling me back. Martha was very insightful, answering the questions I had and giving so much more depth. Her words calmed me, allowing me to stay grounded and trust all will unfold as it should. I highly recommend Martha!!

K Pell, Phoenix, AZ


Martha was so kind and thoughtful. She took her time answering all of my questions about my rescue dog, Bodhi and gave me valuable insight into his thoughts and feelings. I'm so grateful to her for helping me learn more about Bodhi. Being a rescue with no background, I often wondered where he came from and what happened to him before we met. I don't have to wonder anymore because Martha gave me all the answers I was looking for:))

A Titus, AZ



C Kirk, Gilbert, AZ

Had an amazing experience with Martha! She was able to clear the energy build-up in our house and bring light and positivity to us and our household. Highly recommend her!

Matthew F, Surprise, AZ


Martha is very easy to talk to and has an amazing gift. Our dog Brody had passed away unexpectedly and she helped us to understand what happened and that brought us some much-needed peace. She did healing work with our other dog Ebony and the next day she had more energy, a pep in her step and she was not as sad after losing her buddy Brody. The readings and healing was everything we had hoped for. We will definitely use her again. Thank you so much, Martha

S Hammond, AZ


Martha is a wonderful, kind, caring person who is very easy to talk to. She did a great job energetically clearing our house and has put our minds at ease. Our home feels more balanced now and I find it's easier to get things done. She offered some very simple and practical tips to keeping our home's energy clean. I would definitely recommend Martha to anyone looking to clear and rebalance the energy of their home!

Jeff T, Gilbert, AZ


Martha is a very caring person who is helping me with my cat. She is a very spiritual woman with a huge heart, compassionate, and understanding. I believe that everything is faith-based and that thought has been reinforced after meeting her.

J Hart, Chandler, AZ


Amazing experience. Did 3 readings myself. Would highly recommend it.

Amy P, Queen Creek, AZ

Thank you, Martha!! I have to say I have been to a lot of intuitives and mediums and Martha is by far one of the most accurate and caring and authentic intuitives I've experienced. She helped my son and I figure out what was going on with our 8-month kitten, Azure. He was very sick and not eating not playing and hiding away which he never does. We had the vets do X-rays, blood work, stool, and pee samples, and they found nothing. but the moment we gave him hairball paste as Martha had suggested he was back to his normal self within a few days!! She was so accurate with the information about azure and his feelings that she helped strengthen my and my son's relationship with Azure. She mentioned his red blanket and even his run roll and summersault move he does when he gets very excited among a slurry of other things that she was accurate about. (: because of her Azure is healthy and well. and Martha is so easy to speak to, it’s like talking to an old friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone!! thank you again so much Martha! you are truly amazing!! much love to you always.

F Rayne, Arizona

Martha is very talented and was able to provide me with the closure I needed as well as communicate with my cat to help me better understand his needs after a past trauma. She was very easy to talk to and was sensitive to my animal's feelings when touching on subjects that may have been hard. I was slightly skeptical going into the experience but this reading blew my mind and I am excited to use her services again. Thank you so much, Martha!!

L Coady, Mesa, AZ

Working with Martha was helpful to me in the month prior to my beloved dog's passing. She was able to communicate with Ichibond and tell me his pain level, I had undermedicated him because I didn't want to give him too much, and of course, he didn't enjoy taking it. He wanted some of his regular food, not the rice and chicken the Vet had him on. Martha was easy to talk to and understanding.

George F, Phoenix, AZ


I would like to say that Martha is amazing and very compassionate. She assisted two of my pets before their passing. All was at ease with her healing energy. Martha has a gift! I highly recommend her for any concerns you may have. Thank you, Martha. 

Sage N, Mesa, AZ

★★★★★ Denice J, Seattle, WA

Earlier this year, Martha used her gifts to perform healing on my 11-year-old cat, Aspen, whose health was failing rapidly and inexplicably. She helped to identify his issue, but unfortunately, his condition was irreversible and he passed on. Martha went on to communicate with Aspen’s brother, Juniper, to help us understand him through the transition of losing his life mate. During this difficult time for my family, Martha provided not only valuable information, but helped us to process what was occurring on a deeper level, allowing us to better assist our pets, and also giving a sense of peace to us that was incredibly helpful and much appreciated.

J Preston, Phoenix, AZ

I have to say I was so impressed with Martha and how she interacted with my animals. I have five dogs and five horses and they all loved her. I was rather stunned when she knew some of the things that my poor babies went through. It makes me feel so good to know that they know they are loved and have a forever home.

Lorrie M, Gilbert, AZ

★★★★★ Kevin H, Anchorage, AK

Martha is in tune with an energy that I can’t understand, but it works. Give her a try she is being guided by a higher power and can understand animals better than anyone I have met. Our Shih Tzu is doing much better after just one session, I am booking more right away.

Joshua H, Mesa, AZ

★★★★★ Mary M, Apache Junction, AZ

Martha, was wonderful when I needed to contact my beloved Chihuahua Cisco who passed. I found out that Cisco was indeed on the other side and happy and feeling fine. Cisco told me he loved me and said he would see me again! I got the closure I needed and I feel at peace. She is sensitive and very gifted! Many blessings to you Martha!

Olivia R, Phoenix, AZ

Martha was so awesome! She helped me understand what Sadie had been through, and what her needs were now. I have seen changes in her the very next day. Thank you, Martha, I love the work you do for our fur babies!!

Rachel O, Phoenix, Az

★★★★★ A Padilla Tucson, AZ

Martha is so kind and gentle and funny. Martha is so easy to talk to. I thought my cat had anger issues. Turns out Ava gets enjoyment out of making me do everything for her. Apparently, I am HER pet. Looking forward to getting some readings on my dogs. Thank you, Martha, for helping me understand and build my relationship with Ava.

Rebecca E Queen Valley, AZ

Martha worked with me on an issue with one of my beloved doggies, I couldn’t understand why he stopped eating and seemed nervous and distracted. With Martha’s insight, I was able to restore his eating habits and understand what was going on with him.  I am grateful for her help. 

Liz J, Phoenix, AZ​​

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