Clients Love Me

Had an amazing experience with Martha! She was able to clear the energy build up in our house and bring light and positivity to us and our household. Highly recommend her!

Matthew F Surprise, AZ


Martha is very easy to talk to and has an Amazing gift. Our dog Brody had passed away unexpectedly and she helped us to understand what happened and that brought us some much-needed peace. She did healing work with our other dog Ebony and the next day she had more energy, pep in her step and she was not as sad after losing her buddy Brody. The readings and healing was everything we had hoped for. We will definitely use her again. Thank you so much Martha ❤

S Hammond, AZ


Martha is a wonderful, kind, caring person who is very easy to talk to. She did a great job energetically clearing our house and has put our mind at ease. Our home feels more balanced now and I find it's easier to get things done. She offered some very simple and practical tips to keeping our home's energy clean. I would definitely recommend Martha to anyone looking to clear and rebalance the energy of their home!

Jeff T Gilbert, AZ


Martha is a very caring person who is helping me with my cat. She is a very spiritual woman with a huge heart, compassionate and understanding. I believe that everything is faith-based and that thought has been reinforced after meeting her.

J Hart Chandler, AZ


Amazing experience. Did 3 readings myself. Would highly recommend.

Amy P. Queen Creek, AZ

Thank you, Martha!! I have to say I have been to a lot of intuitives and mediums and Martha is by far one of the most accurate and caring and authentic intuitives I've experienced. she helped my son and I figure out what was going on with our 8-month kitten, azure. he was very sick and not eating not playing and hiding away which he never does. we had the vets do X-rays, blood work, stool and pee samples and they found nothing. but the moment we gave him hairball paste as Martha had suggested he was back to his normal self within a few days!! she was so accurate with the information about azure and his feelings that she helped strengthen my and my son's relationship with Azure. she mentioned his red blanket and even his run roll and summersault move he does when he gets very excited among a slurry of other things that she was accurate about. (: because of her azure is healthy and well. and Martha is so easy to speak to, it’s like talking to an old friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone!! thank you again so much Martha! you are truly amazing!! much love to you always. ♥

F. Rayne, Arizona

Martha is very talented and was able to provide me with the closure I needed as well as communicate with my cat to help me better understand his needs after a past trauma. She was very easy to talk to and was sensitive to my animal's feelings when touching on subjects that may have been hard. I was slightly skeptical going into the experience but this reading blew my mind and I am excited to use her services again. Thank you so much, Martha!!

L Coady Mesa, AZ

Working with Martha was helpful to me in the month prior to my beloved dog's passing. She was able to communicate with Ichibond and tell me his pain level, I had under medicated him because I didn't want to give him to much and of course, he didn't enjoy taking it.
He wanted some of his regular food, not the rice and chicken the Vet had him on. Martha was easy to talk to and understanding.

George F Phoenix, AZ


I would like to say that Martha is amazing and very compassionate. She assisted two of my pets before their passing. All was at ease with her healing energy. Martha has a gift! I highly recommend her for any concerns you may have. Thank you, Martha. 

Sage N Mesa, AZ

★★★★★ Denice J Seattle, WA

Earlier this year, Martha used her gifts to perform healing on my 11-year-old cat, Aspen, whose health was failing rapidly and inexplicably. She helped to identify his issue, but unfortunately, his condition was irreversible and he passed on. Martha went on to communicate with Aspen’s brother, Juniper, to help us understand him through the transition of losing his life mate. During this difficult time for my family, Martha provided not only valuable information, but helped us to process what was occurring on a deeper level, allowing us to better assist our pets, and also giving a sense of peace to us that was incredibly helpful and much appreciated.

J Preston Phoenix, AZ

I have to say I was so impressed with Martha and how she interacted with my animals. I have five dogs and five horses and they all loved her. I was rather stunned when she knew some of the things that my poor babies went through. It makes me feel so good to know that they know they are loved and have a forever home.

Lorrie M Gilbert, AZ

★★★★★ Kevin H Anchorage, AK

Martha is in tune with an energy that I can’t understand, but it works. Give her a try she is being guided by a higher power and can understand animals better than anyone I have met. Our shih tzu is doing much better after just one session, I am booking more right away.

Joshua H Mesa, AZ

★★★★★ Mary M Apache Junction, AZ

Martha, was wonderful when I needed to contact my beloved Chihuahua Cisco who passed. I found out that Cisco was indeed on the other side and happy and feeling fine. Cisco told me he loved and said he would see me again! I got the closure I needed and I feel at peace. She is sensitive and very gifted! Many blessings to you Martha!

Olivia R Phoenix, AZ

Martha was so awesome! She helped me understand what Sadie had been through, and what her needs were now. I have seen changes in her the very next day. Thank you, Martha, I love the work you do for our fur babies!!

Rachel O Phoenix, Az

★★★★★ A Padilla Tucson, AZ

Martha is so kind and gentle and funny. Martha is so easy to talk to. I thought my cat had anger issues. Turns out the Ava gets enjoyment out of making me do everything for her. Apparently, I am HER pet. Looking forward to getting some readings on my dogs. Thank you, Martha, for helping me understand and build my relationship with Ava.

Rebecca E Queen Valley, AZ

Martha worked with me on an issue with my one of my beloved doggies, I couldn’t understand why he stopped eating and seemed nervous and distracted. With Martha’s insight, I was able to restore his eating habits, and understand what was going on with him.  I am grateful for her help. 

Liz J. Phoenix, AZ

Martha is a wise and wonderful woman! Every time I see her, she not only shares her energy but her life experiences and advice as well. I guarantee you will leave as a friend instead of just a client! She has worked on my dog and me, both times she accurately saw where the injuries were in our bodies and worked quickly to help with them. Amazingly, she didn't know details about these injuries before the sessions. It's truly a gift.

Loren J Seattle, WA

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