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About Me

Who I Am and What I Do

My name is Martha Weisman and I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, Animal Communicator (Pet Psychic), Space Clearing Practitioner, and owner of Azure Moon Healing. Since I was a child I have always wanted to help animals and people. When I became an adult I realized I have been intuitive all of my life and knew that being an Energy Healer was what I was meant to do. I have seen many animals healed time and time again which is why I love and strongly believe in the energy work that I do.

Even though I am certified in several healing modalities (Angel Energy Healing, Archangel Energy Healing, Usui Reiki, Animal Crystal Healing, Space Clearing and more) I work with Angel, Archangel, and Crystal Healing almost exclusively.

I love working with the celestial force because it is so powerful yet gentle and loving. When working with Angel Energy, I will call upon the animal's Higher Self, Guides, Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, etc, or a combination depending on the situation and what my innate knowing tells me. I also rely on my spiritual abilities to supply me with information and direction needed during the session. 

In a typical appointment through distant healing, I will start off by determining where the blocks or problems are located. I usually place my hands over the surrogate of the client and will do hands-on healing only if prompted to. I will work at clearing away negative or stagnant energy, balance chakras, clear energy fields, provide physical healing, ease pain and discomfort, and/or whatever my intuition tells me or what the human companion requests. 

If the animal is close to making his/her transition to the other side, I will be there to assist the animal with physical and spiritual comfort, share divine messages, give support, etc., and will strive to make it an easier transition for both the animal and human companion. If an animal has already passed, as a Certified Animal Communicator, I can provide the human companion messages that can help with the grief, stress, guilt, or other emotions or physical complaints they are going through. 
Working with animals is indeed one of my passions and during my downtime, I treasure working with Rescue Animals that have been or are currently in shelters. Outside of any physical injury or neglect, there can be emotional trauma that can be cleared during a session. 

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