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Inter-species Communication

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

You’ve probably heard of animal whisperers before. These people are known for their ability to communicate with other species than just humans. These people don’t listen to an animal out loud. They instead establish a telepathic connection. Using their abilities, communicators can learn about an individual from another species. This is a special kind of meditative process because it transfers not only energy, but also information. These people can receive pictures, words, and emotions from animals. This helps them understand what’s going on with an animal medically, what emotions an animal is experiencing, or what has happened to the animal in the past. Inter-species communication is much easier if the animal is domesticated, rather than wild. The reason for this is because domestic animals already have a connection to humans. Therefore, they are likely more willing to accept a telepathic connection. Wild animals are often less willing to communicate, and they require much more patience and caution to establish a connection. Most people have heard of dog whisperers and horse whisperers, but a lot of experienced communicators can speak telepathically to any animal. While this article focuses on interspecies communication, some people can connect telepathically to plants and crystals as well! In order to establish communication, the human communicator must first clear his/her mind and concentrate on the animal’s energy in order to send and/or receive information. Yes, this process can be used to transfer information to an animal as well. A lot of times a pet owner does not know how to tell their pet something, so a communicator will be contacted. Such information includes the possibility of new pets, upcoming vacations or trips, etc. Oftentimes the communication has a central purpose, so the communicator knows which questions to “ask” the animal during telepathic communication.


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