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Energy Healing and Pets

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

As many know, the art of Energy Healing has been used to activate the natural healing process in humans since its discovery. But did you know this beautiful and energizing healing technique can help our pets too? "Divine Source," or "Universal Life Force Energy" if you look at the literal translation, is based on the idea that every living creature has a life force or living energy moving through them. When the energy levels are high, that being will be full of life and healthy. When the energy levels are low, one is more inclined to getting sick. Obviously, it's been discovered to work well with human beings but Energy Healing works on pets too. Just as it is in people, some pets are more inclined than others when it comes to being receptive to this method of healing.

What are some of the benefits and why should you practice Energy Healing with your animals? Although it doesn't work for every animal, Energy Healing therapy can potentially enhance overall well-being while accelerating healing. Often when you are going through a stressful period, your pet can mirror your behavior. This means when you get reiki, it's great to include your pet as well.

Energy Healing's Benefits:

Can eradicate behavioral issues

Provides comfort

Promotes relaxation

Strengthens immune system

Increases trust

How do I know if my pet is responding well? Sometimes it can take several sessions until you see a response. Energy Healing tends to have a more noticeable effect on cats than on any other animal. When I started Energy Healing on my dog, it took her some time to adjust. At first, she was nervous but throughout the day afterwards I noticed she behaved in a more positive manner. Talk to your Energy Healer if you don't see changes or your pet reacts negatively. Overall, Energy Healing is a wonderful method of therapy for both animals and humans.


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