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Angel Energy Healing vs Reiki for People and Animals

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Reiki, is a healing method used to remedy negative alignments from animals or people. These alignments can be gained from a negative standpoint on life, a stressful job, worry for a loved one; anything related by negativity. It clouds the mind in a way that can truly affect health. In order to remedy these negative alignments, Reiki specialists use Energy Healing to remedy negativity with Spiritual practice, not medicine. So, what is the difference between Reiki, and Angel Energy Healing? Like I said, Reiki uses spiritual energy to remedy negative alignments, Angel Energy Healing is very similar, but also very different. Angel Energy Healing is a very powerful and very effective form of Healing. Healers who get to perform this type of healing get to work hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light. So, what does this mean for people and animals? Usual Reiki methods make use of normal Spiritual Energy, and while Reiki is pretty effective, some negative alignments are stronger than expected. By working hand in hand with the Kingdom of Light, these stronger negative alignments become a bit easier to deal with. Now, the question is, do they work for both humans and animals? Yes, they do. Angel Energy Healing can be very effective on both people and animals alike either in office or in distant healing. And the best part is, there is absolutely no ill-side effects! Just like Reiki, the use of Spiritual Energy to heal harbors no side effects that can harm the patients. Angel Energy Healing is an effective and safe method for both people and animals!


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