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Angel Energy Healing

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Angel Energy Healing helps reduce stress and promotes relaxation which in turns promotes healing. It is administered while the human client is lying face up, down or in a chair by a process of "laying on the hands". For an animal client, it can be administered while the animal is at its natural resting position either standing or lying down. It can also be executed as a distant healing over the phone, using Skype, using a surrogate, or in other ways. This procedure is based on the premise that the "Universal Life Force Energy" flows through each and every one of us giving us life. When the energy is sparse, we are more likely to become depressed or even sick, when it is great we are more likely to be happy and well balanced. ​ Angel Energy Healing's are all encompassing that not only pertain to the body but also the mind, emotions and spirit. It is very relaxing, and can give you the sense of well being, feeling balanced and at peace for both humans and animals. ​​ Angel Energy Healing is a natural, and safe way of healing and can be used alone or with other modalities of healing whether it is the conventional western medicine or other healing techniques. The healing from the Angels can be highly effective in relieving pain or even promote complete healing. Martha believes that all living things have this "Universal Life Force Energy" from the largest animal to the smallest plant life. When something affects the energy field it can cause it to be out of balance which can cause a ripple effect that can lead to making you feel ill, stressed, depressed, and can even produce a serious dis-ease.


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