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Energy Clearing

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Energy, both positive and negative, can exist in people, animals, and even objects. But did you know energy can also be present in a place? This includes small spaces, rooms, land, or even entire buildings! In this blog, we are going to be focused on negative energy residing in a place of residence, and the importance of removing these harmful forces. Negative energy can enter a home through any unprotected entrance or window, but any traumatic events occurring within the residence have the biggest effect on the energy within. Negative energy can also result from a bad relationship between people, and if those two people live together, it can manifest itself in the home.

Clearing a space of negative energy is important to do, especially if someone has left your life on bad terms or if you have recently moved into a new space. It is also a good idea to clear a space periodically. This removes any unwanted energy in the home and promotes the introduction of positive energy. So how is it done? There are multiple ways to remove negative energy from a space and protect it from gaining additional bad chi. Black tourmaline is a great crystal to use to absorb negative energy. When used correctly, it can clear a room of any bad energy and block out any new malignant forces. Another great way to clear a home is to light sage, frankincense, and copal and carry the burning herbs through the house to push out negative forces. Saging around the edges of the main entrance will also help ward off any new negative energy. The last clearing method we like to use is salting. Pouring salt into the corners of a room and waiting 48 hours is the best way to absorb pent-up negative energy. This is good for removing energy from a new place you’ve just moved into, or perhaps a place where people have been sick or confrontational a lot in the past. Clearing is such an important thing to be aware of, as it can improve a living space in so many ways. Always remember that if you don’t know how to clear a space or you’ve just never done it before, experienced energy technicians are always available.


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