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Crystal Care

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

For those of us in the energy healing practice, crystals are very powerful tools. They can be used for many great things, but they must be treated properly in order to get the best out of each and every one. Of course, a crystal cannot do its job without being physically clean and fully intact. However, there’s more to caring for your crystals than just that. First, let’s talk about cleansing the crystals. Cleaning them physically is important, but just as important is removing energy from anyone else (human or animal) who has come in contact with the crystal. Even if you are the first person to own a crystal, it may have attracted energy from everyone who it came into close proximity with while it was being mined, packaged, shipped, etc. When clearing a crystal, it is important not to harm it. For instance, some crystals benefit from using salt water as a clearing method, while others will actually be physically damaged by salt water. An alternative method to salt baths is smudging. This is a process by which incense is burned, and the smoke is fanned over the crystals using a feather. Smudging is a very effective way to cleanse crystals, and is especially useful because some crystals are large or otherwise can’t be bathed in salt. We even recommend you smudge your hands as well, as they may have picked up residual energy while handling the crystals. The last thing we’ll talk about here is charging crystals. This is another integral part of taking care of crystals. When a crystal is taken from the Earth, it is removed from its natural source of energy. When someone uses the crystal, its energy is depleted. Therefore, it is only logical that we help the crystal replenish its energy! There are many ways to do this, but possibly the most well-known way is to lay your crystals out in the sun for a day. This allows ultraviolet light to enter the crystals so that they can be used again. Using each of these methods effectively can help you to take better care of your crystals and get more out of them.


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