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Energy and Crystal Healing

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Anyone in the energy healing industry can tell you that many types of crystals have special properties. In fact, crystals themselves can be used to heal people and animals directly. Using this technique, animal and people’s physical ailments or dis-eases can be cured. There are many different types of healing crystals. Each one has its own unique health benefits and cures. Each type of crystal has its own vibrations and healing properties. The seven crystals which represent the colors of the red-to-violet color spectrum each stand for one of the seven Chakras of the human or animal body. This is why it’s important for a healer to know what issues his/her client is having before healing is conducted. Of course, you would never enter a session with a healer and not tell them what you or your fur baby needs healing for, but sometimes you can’t place what the issue is exactly. Maybe your animal or you’ve just been “feeling a bit off.” It’s likely that negative or unwanted energy is clouding your energy field. Crystals can help clear a cluttered energy field too! Crystals have been utilized for their metaphysical properties in many cultures throughout history. Most current crystal healing propositions are based on Asian concepts, such as Hindu or Buddhist ideas of chakra or the Chinese belief in qi (life-energy). The idea behind crystal energy healing is that crystals with healing effects help the flow of positive energy into the body as harmful energy leaves the body. Crystals may be placed on different parts of a animals or person’s body (forehead, throat, chest, etc.) or during healing, or even under someone’s pillow while they sleep. However it’s conducted, crystal healing is a very rewarding process.


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