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Energy Healing on Animals at the End of Life

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Animals are more aware than we tend to believe. They share the same emotions as we do, both positively and negatively. This also means that they carry past emotions and feelings from past lives, ultimately effecting the Soul. Energy Healing can indeed be performed on any species of animal. Whether the patient is a dog, cat, bird, or even horse; Energy Healing is an effective form of healing for all kinds of Animals. Giving powerful medicinal treatment to a human is a lot easier because the field of medicine mainly focuses on that species, so what about animals? There are many kinds of medicine that can be used on animals, but medicine unfortunately can end up harming the patient. The best kind of treatment an animal can receive is Energy Healing, even while they’re resting on the border of death. One of the most heartbreaking moments a pet owner can experience is having to eventually let their beloved family member transition. Pets can mean the world to us, but there always comes the time let go and let live. It can be extremely stressful on the pet owner, but it also negatively affects the passing animal as well. We share our emotions and feelings through the bonds we share with our beloved pets. When we are sad and need someone to be there for us, our pets are always there to cheer us up. And when a pet is sick and needs constant attention to heal, the owner is always there to be by its side. No owner is happy to let their best friend go, resulting in an overwhelming sadness for both parties. Thankfully Energy Healing is there to help! Although there is no guarantee that Energy Healing can heal the sadness of the moment, Energy Healing can positively heal the beloved animal about to pass. Their body will feel a lot less stress, and even on some accounts, the animal will be happy in the final moments. Even though the Energy Healing wasn’t performed on a human patient at the time, just witnessing the happy smiles of their beloved friend can cheer them up. It causes a chain reaction of happiness that can be expressed by both parties. Energy Healing is an important form of healing, whether you’re human or an animal, alive or about to cross the border, Energy Healing will always be there to cleanse the soul of abnormalities.


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