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Equestrian Energy Healing

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Energy Healing is when an energy healer channels healing energy through his/her body and into the client, whether it be a human, animal, or plant. It is the “Healing of All Things Living.” Anything living can benefit from the curative effects of energy healing. Faults in a horse’s energy can dramatically change the horse’s behavior and/or physical state. A horse’s energy flow can be negatively influenced by any combination of these factors: trauma, changes in diet, physical injuries, emotional issues (such as a history of abuse or neglect), training mishaps, (etc.) Energy Healing practitioners are skillfully trained to correct a damaged energy field. For a horse, Energy Healing can provide many benefits. Firstly, Energy Healing has been shown to help ease behavioral issues in horses (i.e. nervousness and/or anxiety). Much like humans, horses may see increased rates of healing from disease and injuries after receiving Energy Healing. Energy healing also provides comfort and peace to a horse that is aged or otherwise near death. Horses in particular are incredibly receptive to energy healing and usually take to it very quickly. They understand that it is benefiting them, so they will often willingly accept it, especially if they have received energy treatment before.


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